Staff Development for the Workplace

Motivation is a key to success … strive to achieve the best that you can…

Jamie’s experience of working with a range of stakeholders has given him a wealth of experience that will help to inspire your workplace community. He will take you on a journey to help focus the mind on future goals and dealing with those moments where sometimes you may need a little more guidance.

Jamie will discuss the impact of “Exercise on the Mind” …

Select a half or full day of training…tailored to suit your requirements and the outcomes you wish to gain…

Exercise and the Mind

What will this cover?

Reaching your Goals

Speaking from experience, Jamie will help you consider the benefits of exercise and the impact this can have on the productivity of staff in the workplace.

Motivational Thinking

Encouraging staff to consider the future, and what they can bring to the workplace, Jamie will help your team to reflect and consider their motivation. What drives their desire to succeed?

Work & Anxiety

Sometimes we are fighting battles that people cannot see. Maybe this happens more in the workplace than we realise? Jamie will take you on a journey to help you understand what you, or others around you, may be going through silently.

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