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Husband and father of two boys, Jamie enjoys spending time with his family and visiting new places. He is a keen runner and is determined to promote the positive effects of exercise.

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Jamie Parkinson is an award-winning teacher, freelance consultant and author with a clear focus on workplace training and helping teams to support staff in schools…

With 13 years of leadership experience, Jamie offers schools and businesses the opportunity to celebrate, reflect and innovate. He is passionate about helping to empower children and adults alike to achieve their full potential, using techniques and resources he has explored, researched and used himself in practice. 

Jamie has been a Year Leader in a large, five-form-entry middle and Junior school, leading both year four and year seven at different stages. He facilitated the induction of children into the school, as well as the transition for those progressing to secondary school. From his various roles as ICT Co-Ordinator, Year Leader, E-Learning Leader and Pupil Premium Champion, Jamie has been able to transform school curriculum using 21st-century technology and innovative approaches to units of work and lesson design. 

His various job roles within schools have given him a wealth of experience in dealing with a range of situations, and working with a range of people! He has a keen interest in motivation and resilience, for children and adults alike. The school and business training presentations available will allow schools and businesses to empower their children and staff to celebrate, reflect and innovate for the future! 

A keen author of both fiction and non-fiction, Jamie has published two books and has co-written a third. He is keen to share his knowledge and ideas with others and help them to reflect on their practice and future aspirations.

What’s on offer?

Other Achievements & Awards

Method Creation for ‘Let’s Go Live’ science
(2020 – Present)
Maddie Moate and Greg Foot started their family science show in March 2020, offering a show that would support parents and children with Home Learning during lockdown. Jamie has been helping create resources since the launch of their website, aimed at supporting schools and learning at home in the future. Click below to find out more!

Community Stars “Best Teacher” Award
As voted for by the parents, pupils and staff, Jamie received the Best Teacher award for his commitment and support for the school community.