Staff Development for Schools

Presentations for Staff Meetings

& INSET Days

Add something different to your INSET agenda! With 13 years of leadership experience, Jamie can help you focus on key areas of development for your school through various presentations on a host of topics. Whether it is a twilight staff meeting or a full INSET, Jamie will tailor the presentations to suit your time requirements. 

Are you ready to celebrate, reflect and innovate? See what is on offer below!

Creativity When Teaching Writing

It is not all about paper and pen! During this course, Jamie will help you assess where your ICT provision could provide you with some ideas to help inspire those reluctant writers. Explore the potential use of free resources, and how the community can help with limited budgets.

Time-Saving Ideas for Teachers

You need more time, but you just don’t know how to find it. Time management for teachers is always an enormous challenge, and there is never much free time as a teacher. During this presentation, Jamie will explore various ways to create pockets of time throughout the day.

School Staff Wellbeing & Happiness

Happy teachers bring brilliant lessons where children love to learn! How can small changes make a difference? From exercise to work-life balance, Jamie will help your staff to assess their wellbeing and consider small actions that could have a big impact on their future.

Motivational Speakers for Schools

Do you need a presentation from an outsider? Sometimes messages can be heard differently when someone new is delivering them. During this presentation, Jamie will explore current trends and how your staff can flip the negative aspects to focus on the positives.

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