JPark Learning

Are You Looking to Tackle Those School Improvement Plan Targets With a Fresh Approach?

Would Your Workplace Benefit From Training Sessions Focussed on Their Wellbeing?

Welcome to JPark Learning, where the primary focus is staff development and training for schools and workplaces.

With vast experience, both personally and professionally, Jamie can offer your staff a fresh appraoch to consider how they can achieve their targets.

Are you ready to celebrate, reflect, innovate and succeed? 

Training for Schools

With 13 years of leadership experience, Jamie can help you focus on key areas of development for your school. Courses availble include:

  • Improving writing using ICT.
  • Effective use of the Pupil Premium Grant.
  • Developing Staff Resilience

Resilience Training

Schools and Workplaces

Jamie‚Äôs experience of working with a range of stakeholders has given him a wealth of knowledge that will help to inspire your workplace community. He will take you on a journey to help focus the mind on future goals and dealing with those moments where sometimes you may need a little more guidance. 

Live Event Presenter

Jamie has vast experience as a speaker and presenter, ranging from school-based training to live events. He has collaborated with other companies, supporting their development, and helping to promote their products.


A 21st century approach to education. Offering a variety of programmes to help your school or business take that next step…